Royal Jelly: Cali vs Hannah (Exclusive)

21:14 video

In the lab, Cali and Hannah are researching Royal Jelly, an experiment that promises increased strength and healing time but comes with a dangerous side effect: heightened aggression and sexual desire. As they double their doses for faster results, the women's tempers flare. 

The fight begins as a verbal spat but soon escalates into a full-blown brawl, with the women grappling and punching each other relentlessly. They grab eachothers each others tits, and wrestling as the chemical flows through them.T

heir rivalry intensifies as they exchange powerful blows, fueled by their enhanced aggression and sex drives. The chaos in the lab reaches its peak when Hannah manages to get Hannah in a chokehold, her hands tightly clasped around Cali's throat. With a final gasp, Cali is defeated. Hannah triumphantly claims victory over and turns her attention toward's Cali's man. 

This video runs 21 minutes long and contains female fighting, wrestling, domination, submission, boxing, mesmerize, catfight, catball, POV, Cali Logan and Hannah Perez.

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